Tibbetts Creek

Beginning in the late 1980s, Rowley Properties saw the critical role that Tibbetts Creek plays in Issaquah. Frequent flooding of the creek not only affected homeowners, but it prevented business growth due to the instability of key property areas that could otherwise house new businesses. Recognizing the need to redirect the creek and the lack of state funds allowing the project to proceed, Rowley Properties contributed over $1 million to complete the re-routing project, which included relocating one of our Issaquah RV lots to North Bend. In the course of this project, Rowley Properties formed partnerships with several city and state agencies such as the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT). Two 40-foot bridges to carry freeway traffic over Tibbetts Creek were the final provisions needed to complete the culvert replacement. In total, the redirection of Tibbetts Creek not only helped end routine flooding in Issaquah, but it reduced maintenance costs, steadied creek flow, and improved fish passage and habitat. Due to this project, salmon can spawn in Tibbetts Creek for the first time, where previously the culverts prevented the salmon from returning.