Our Properties

Rowley Properties owns, develops, manages, and leases property of a variety of sizes and locations. We offer commercial, office, manufacturing, light industrial, residential, and storage space, good space for your work, home, and things.

Wildwood Apartments


Rowley Properties owns 85 apartment units located in Issaquah, totaling 77,108 square feet of residential space.


Rowley Properties owns over 200 RV spaces in Issaquah and North Bend, for a total of 6.5 acres of space.


Brim Tractor

Rowley Properties owns over 750 storage units in Issaquah, totaling 249,360 square feet of storage space.


Rowley Properties owns 24 commercial use buildings in Issaquah, totaling 102,000 square feet of space.


Rowley Properties owns 14 office buildings in Issaquah and North Bend, totaling 108,219 square feet of space.

Ground Leases

Rowley Properties owns 527,685 square feet or 12 acres of land, which are leased to five national and international companies in the form of long-term ground leases.

1275 12th Avenue N.W.

Vacant Land

Rowley Properties owns 877,055 square feet, or 20 acres of vacant land in Issaquah and North Bend. Development plans for this land have not yet been determined.

Gravel Pit

Rowley Properties is co-owner of a 67-acre gravel pit in Maple Valley.