Executive Bios

A message from Kari Magill, CEO, Rowley Properties

Kari Magill, CEO

At Rowley Properties, we believe family and community come first. We work to build our community and focus on projects that rise above the rest - - intelligently developing and creating sustainable projects that will benefit our friends, neighbors and community for years.

The Rowley family legacy speaks of preserving strong community development while keeping the natural beauty that surrounds it. Our family brand is about warmth, compassion, reaching out and caring for others - you know when you are one of our customers. We believe in supporting and sustaining - "we’ll grow and you’ll grow."

As a real estate development company, we’re not merely trying to build buildings; we are creating a business that responds to our changing times and the needs of our community in alignment with our core values and our deep sense of responsibility. Our future projects will reflect timeless quality, we will create vibrant places for community; embracing our connection to nature and people.

Meet Our Executive Team

George W. "Skip" Rowley, Jr.
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Kari Magill
Chief Executive Officer

Julie LaPrarie
Vice President of Accounting