Core Values

Core Values: Our core company values demonstrate our commitment to provide good space for our customers, to preserve and shape the good space of our communities, and to create good space in which our team members work.

Value #1:

We maintain ethical, responsible business practices.
The basis for any company is its financial stability, and we believe that such stability begins with the integrity we demonstrate daily. Our team members hold themselves to a high standard and feel a sense of ownership for maintaining this family-owned company.

Value #2:

We strive for excellence in everything we do.
We know that in building homes and commercial properties, we are creating space in which people live and work. With that comes tremendous responsibility, which is why we provide excellent products -- from our residential apartments, to our light manufacturing and office units -- and excellent customer service -- from account management, to maintenance, to leasing.

Value #3:

We care for the long-term future of the communities where we work.
Property management and development are fundamentally about people - where they live, where they work, and where they store their things. We look to the future of our community, and get involved in local issues, in order to continue providing good space for our customers for years to come.

Value #4:

We encourage the spirit of learning, a family atmosphere, team member satisfaction, continuous improvement, and fun.

We believe that by providing good space in which our team members work, we will be able to hire and retain talented, skilled professionals who love what they do.

This spirit leads us to provide such opportunities as:

Value #5:

We utilize wise construction techniques and recycling methods.

In the 50 years in which Rowley Properties has been developing and managing property in Issaquah, we have watched this area grow and change from a sleepy town of few residents, to a bustling, thriving community. We know that space is limited. In order to continue living and working in a green, natural environment, we need to preserve the space we have. Rowley Properties utilizes efficient construction methods and recycled materials. We incorporate "build green" techniques into our construction methods and are striving to incorporate LEED practices in our future projects. Historically, Rowley Properties has gone to great lengths to ensure that in providing good space, we are also preserving our natural environment.

Value #6:

We believe in giving back to the communities in which we do business through volunteerism and civic contributions.

Whether it means offering a free symphony concert to allow community members to experience beautiful live music at the Village Theatre, participating in a local spelling bee to benefit the Issaquah Food Bank, greeting festival-goers at the community-wide Issaquah Salmon Days Festival, or giving funds to support arts, education, and civic organizations, Rowley Properties actively participates in and financially supports the communities in which we do business. We embrace our responsibility to be good corporate citizens, as well as our opportunity to invest in the lives of those who live and work in our good space every day.